1. You are responsible for making your payments until the employer starts the deduction.

2. You may not buy anything on credit while you are in the plan.

3. You must attend your first meeting of creditors. If you cannot attend the meeting of creditors, please call your attorney.

4. Bring the declaration page of your automobile insurance policy with you every time you come to court.

5. All creditors must be listed in your case. To add a creditor, see your attorney.

6. If you are contacted by a creditor after your plan is filed,  give the creditor your case number and attorney's name.  Contact your attorney.

7. You may not buy, sell, trade, or give away any real estate or other property of value without permission from the trustee.

8. You may have a balance statement mailed to you by calling or writing the trustee's office with your case number.

9. Non-payment will result in your case being dismissed.

10. You must pay all future property taxes as they come due.

12. Tell your attorney every time you change employment or change your address.

13. Your attorney will be paid through your Chapter 13 plan. Do not pay your attorney directly.