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What is the Meeting of Creditors?

The Meeting of Creditors (also known as a 341 Meeting) is not a court hearing, but it is required by the Bankruptcy Code as part of your case.

The Trustee or one of the Trustee's attorneys will lead the meeting. The Trustee or an attorney from the Trustee's Office will review your plan and your plan payment with you and your attorney.

You will be placed under oath, and the Trustee and any creditors that attend the meeting will have an opportunity to ask you questions about your financial affairs and conduct. Because you are under oath, you must tell the truth.

The Meeting of Creditors will be scheduled between 21 and 50 days after your case is filed. You will receive a notice from the Court with the date set for your meeting of creditors.

Where is the Meeting of Creditors?

What should I do to prepare for meeting of creditors?

You should do the following things before your meeting of creditors: 

Provide a copy of your tax return and pay checks. Provide your attorney with a copy of your tax return for the most recent tax year and copies of any pay checks you received in the 60 days before you filed your case. The Trustee will not conduct your meeting of creditors if the Trustee has not received these documents at least seven days before the meeting date.

File required tax returns. The Trustee will ask you to verify that you have filed all required tax returns for the past four years, including the last tax year that ended before you filed your case, even if that tax return is not yet due to the IRS. For example, if you filed your case on January 1, 2022, you would need to file your tax returns for 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 tax years before your meeting of creditors.

Review your bankruptcy petition, schedules, and statements. Your attorney may have assisted you in preparing these documents, but you are responsible for making sure they are correct and complete. Contact your attorney if you find any errors or missing information.

Do I need to bring anything to the meeting of creditors?

You should have the following readily available at your meeting of creditors:

  • Your Chapter 13 Petition, Schedules, and Statements, and your Chapter 13 Plan;

  • Original Photo ID (acceptable forms of identification include: drivers license, U.S. government ID, State ID, student ID, passport (or current visa, if not a U.S. citizen), military ID, resident alien card, or identity card issued by a national government authority);

  • An original document to verify your social security number (acceptable proof includes: social security card, medical insurance card, pay stub, W-2 form, IRS Form 1099, or Social Security Administration statement); and

  • Proof of property insurance coverage, including homeowners and car insurance.

At this time, all meetings of creditors are conducted using the Zoom video conference program.

Your attorney may offer to set up the videoconference in his or her office. But you can also use your own device. Log in using this link or by using the Meeting ID: 537-530-8055 and Password: 2551082030.

You can find detailed instructions here.

Please review these instructions and test your connection in advance. The Trustee cannot conduct your meeting of creditors if we are not able to establish an adequate connection.

Find a suitable place to connect to the videoconference. The Trustee will not conduct your meeting of creditors if you are driving a motor vehicle.

You must appear by video, and you should be in a quiet place that is free from distractions. Your meeting of creditors will be recorded, so it is important to speak clearly.